Friday, December 11, 2015

A Rant

There has been so much hatred spewed across my news feed lately it breaks my heart. Some of it has been so disgusting I feel ashamed to even know these people, much less be related to them. I've made a few posts, and nearly made this one but I can't. I can't see it go ignored by the people I wish to affect, and everyone knows minds are never changed through a social media argument.

So I'll post it here, because it's something I just had to say.

By hating each other the bad guys win.
By seeing people as their race, nationality, and religion and not as human beings with the same hopes and dreams as the rest of us the bad guys win.
By letting fear divide us instead of uniting us under the determination to make the world a better place the bad guys win.

Racism is not and never will be acceptable, no matter which race you target.
Bigotry is not and never will be acceptable, no matter which difference you target.
Being a dick is not and never will be acceptable, no matter what.

Just stop. Stop and think of how it would feel if someone spat on you because you were ____. Fill in the blank. White, black, male, female, Christian, Jewish, straight, gay, it doesn't matter, that type of behavior is abhorrent and should NEVER be okay. EVER.

I feel like a broken record, I'm sure you're as tired of reading it as I am seeing the stories about women being attacked on public transportation because she is half Iranian and was wearing a scarf because she was cold. I'm sure you're as tired of my rants as I am reading about people fearing for their lives, the safety of their children, wondering is their homes, their places of business, their places of worship will be attacked by people that let hate rule their heart instead of compassion. I bet you're as tired of seeing my name pop up in your news feed as I am seeing story after story after story of people being treated as less than human, of politicians talking about making Muslims carry special identification, of American citizens - people born right here in the US and people that have served their country in the armed forces - being told to go back to their 3rd world shit hole country.

When you stand behind your religion as an excuse to hate people, any person at all, you are no better than Daesh.


  1. So I read something you wrote on the scary mommy page. It helped me realize that in judging Christians like they judge me. I have no religion, I prefer enlightenment and practicing accomplishing this. But you helped me chill my views AMD I really appreciate that. I expect people to automatically tell me to "find Jesus" whatever that means so I instantly jump them back. I should be a good example for what i believe and from a random stranger to another, thank you :) also I learned about paganism and I also love that :)

  2. Thank you for so elequently putting into words how I feel